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Look at the Big Pitcher

Look at the Big Pitcher

My surreal Style as a photographer sometimes overlaps into the realm of Fantasy. This piece draws it’s inspiration from “A Book of Dreams” by Peter Reich. The father of the main character in the book owned a rain-making machine called a “Cloudbuster”. The English singer Kate Bush had a top ten hit in the 80’s called “Cloudbusting”. In the video, Donald Sutherland was operating this machine by pointing it to the sky. My version of the cloudbuster would be a big pitcher catching the clouds and turning them into a waterfall,instead of rain. The Swiss Alps are a breathtaking view and the perfect backdrop for this piece. When you see such an amazing sight, you realized how small we are, next to such an impressive series of massive mountains. We often look at the little things and problems in our daily lives instead of looking at the big picture. If we did this more often, we would realize how lucky we really are…

792 x 397